Moving Forward in my Hockey "Career"

The "Net Crashers" (the name of my hockey team) now have 4 games in the bag. We also have 4 losses. We are definitely the worst team in the league, thanks in part to some bad information about the level we would be playing in and also because we just had no idea. We still go out there and have fun but in the 4 games that we have played we are outscored by a total of sixty-something to three. I had one of those three. It was a completely individual effort goal and was unassisted. We have six games left and then I will be a "free agent".

Despite our ineptitude in this league we still are managing to laugh, learn and find some humor in our weekly spankings. This past game I found a tooth on the floor of our teams bench. It was an awesome sight. I've also been learning and putting into practice the art of drawing a penalty better. That has never been a part of my game but in a non-checking league especially it is a great way to get a man advantage opportunity. This past Sunday, while chasing a loose puck in the corner, I was neck and neck with a guy on the other team. He managed to lose his stick so I positioned myself between him and the boards. When we hit the wall where the puck was I "fell" onto my knees and the checking penalty was called. It would have been nicer if my teammates knew what to do on a power play. See, while they are all growing in their knowledge and skills of the game, the finer points of hockey such as icing, penalties, offsides and other such rules are beyond their skill sets right now. I mean them no ill will, I was a novice too at one point and it really is great to see the weekly improvements of many players on the team.

I do feel that this is a good point in my playing "career" to surround myself with players that are better than I am. I would like to stay in the league I am currently in but on a different team that provides me the opportunity to be competitive. I really will miss the teammates I have now. Some of us have been playing together for almost two years and we have a great locker room report. We are like a big dysfunctional family.

This season has been, and continues to be, a humbling one. Above all it is teaching me that hockey is really a team sport. Personal skills can only take a player so far. In the end, it is the power of the team that wins or loses a game. I plan on showing up for every remaining game of the season and competing to the best of my abilities. I am going to give it my all because I made a commitment and I honor my commitments. However, this is my stepping stone to the next level. This is where I take the step that most benefits me. 

This is my time.

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