My Enchroma Experience

Following my highly successful GoFundMe campaign, thanks to the incredibly generous contributions from friends and family, I received a pair of Enchroma glasses in the middle of August. Here’s a summary of my experience:

When I first got the glasses I went with Rivkah, the kids, and several of my close friends to a park near my house. The park has many different play items, all with varied and bright colors. With great anticipation and excitement I put on the glasses and looked around. At first there didn’t seem to be much of a difference. I continued to walk around and look around and I slowly started to see some changes. I noticed a bright, light-purple pole which previously had looked more like a sky-blue. I noticed that the grass looked a bit greener. All in all though things looked pretty much unchanged.

I’ve been wearing the glasses now for 2 months and I think my eyes took some time to learn what they were seeing. The first thing that really blew my mind was when I looked at a traffic light and, to my shock, saw that it was a very deep green; probably close to grass color. Previously the green traffic lights have looked like a pale green, almost white. Then, maybe a week or two later I was walking my kids to school and noticed some stunning purple flowers on a tree. Without the glasses they were still purple, but definitely not stunning. I stopped and stared at them for a full minute.

Overall, greens look sharper. Purples are vibrant, there are a couple more colors which stand out, but overall the world is unchanged. To get a bit technical, there are three different types of lenses to choose from and I opted for the Cx-25 medium sunglass lens instead of the Cx-14 standard sunglasses. I had hoped that they would work indoors at least slightly, but they sadly don’t. If I had the chance to exchange them for the full sunglass lenses I most likely would. I don’t know if that would make the experience better for me, but if given the choice between these lenses and nothing, I’d probably get them again.

Well, that’s my review. Not as exciting as I thought they’d be, but definitely cool and better than nothing. I don’t think I’d buy them again at a $650 price tag, but if you’ve got the money and you are colorblind, I’d recommend trying them out. They’re fully refundable within 30 days, even for customized lenses. So it’s definitely worth a shot.

Hope this review helps anyone who is colorblind and looking into these.

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  1. Sounds awesome to me! Could you explain (briefly) why they don't work indoors? I just have no experience of this at all. Thanks and keep on enjoying those colours!!!