22 week Birth Center Appointment

For some reason I have had a hard time remembering Birth Center appointments. I haven't missed any as Rik is an excellent secretary, but I think I asked her about 5 times this week what we were doing on Monday afternoon. So when she and her parents picked me up from work and turned right (towards our appointment) instead of going straight (towards home) I was confused. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Anywhoozles, we had the appointment. We got to show my in-laws around the place and I got to see some of it for the first time too (I thought I had taken the full tour but apparently I was wrong). Our midwife today was Ann and we had never met with her before. You know, just when I thought the midwives couldn't possibly get any nicer, we met Ann. She was my favorite so far. All of them have really shown that they care about us and little Ike so much but if I had my choice right now, out of the midwives we have met so far, I would want her to deliver Ike. Just saying. Needless to say, the in-laws liked the Birth Center. I kinda expected that as they were the ones that gave us all the initial information about it.

Well, it seems I have run out of things to say right now. Ike is kicking a lot for Totti and when I stayed up until midnight to celebrate the very beginning of my birthday, Ike kicked up a storm as Rik wished me a happy birthday. Babies seem to be so intuitive.

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