Jobs n' Worries n' Money n' Stuff

For the past 5 1/2 months I have been working as an intern at a consulting/software development/data analysis company called Management Science Associates, Inc. I have gotten really comfortable there but the internship is scheduled to end in the middle or end of August. That means that I need to start looking for a new job. UGH!

So, I had my usual pre-job hunt, freak out. No, wait. I didn't this time. Instead I updated my resume and applied to about 10-15 jobs. That was not easy but I feel really good about it. I am obviously not done as I don't have an offer on the table but it was definitely good inspiration to continue the search. Within the next few days I will probably search several more jobs.

A big motivation for getting a better job is that when I do, we will most likely be able to afford a car and a slightly larger apartment. Those are two things that we are really in need of for when Ike joins up with us in November. Those things are really helping me keep my head in searching for a job in this difficult process.

Rik, thanks for always having my back when I do get scared. I wouldn't even be at this job without your encouragement.

If any of you reading this post know of any jobs that I might be interested in please shoot me an email or give me a call. pittgoose@gmail.com.

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