The End of a Long Semester

This has been one of the longest feeling semesters I've ever had. Due to the chagim I had to miss 4 straight weeks of one of my classes. I ended up getting an A- in that class. I didn't end up missing any of my other classes but Sophie was born during this semester and sleep and spare time have been hard to come by. All in all, it was another successful semester in my books. And, while I should be using the extra time off of school to rest up and prepare for my next semester, I'm instead going to be doing a megaton of traveling.

I hope next semester goes easier than this one. I have an online class scheduled for next semester so I only have to go into school once per week. However, that means I need to take a lot of time to self learn at coffee shops and other such wifi spots.

Wish me luck. the completion of my next semester will mark the halfway point for me at Point Park.


Mind Your Manners Mommy (and Totti)!

The other morning Rivkah was saying goodbye to me as I rushed out the door. The only problem was she was saying it around a bite of her morning breakfast sandwich. Yaeli looked up at her and said "Finish chewing, then talk!" And right she was too. It's amazing what sinks in without us realizing it.

A similar thing happened with her the night before that. I was talking to my brother Matty who was over and I started saying the word "stupid". I got as far as "stu" and stopped myself because we told Yaeli not to say it. Well, apparently I'd said enough of it because, looking scandalized, Yaeli said "Totti, that's rude!"

In younger person news, Sophie seems to be slowly settling into a regular bedtime routine. She's been going to sleep around 10-11 pm and sleeping mostly through the night (not including night feedings) and when she wakes up to nurse goes right back to sleep when she's done. It's been really great to not have to worry to much about when Rivkah and I will actually get to sleep at night. It's a fair bet now that if it's after 10 and she's asleep, we will be able to go to sleep too.