Update on the Kicking

Thank G-d Ike won't stop kicking. I can't describe how it feels in words, but each time it happens it surprises me, like a hiccup. Hiccups always surprise me, even when I'm having a hiccup attack (usually thanks to Yehuda).

Yehuda has been able to feel Ike kick a few times already. Yesterday he put his hand on my belly to try and feel, and I think Ike knew it was Totti's hand because there was a HUGE kick for Yehuda to feel. It's incredibly special sharing this with Yehuda, especially because the kicks are so sporadic. I never know if they will happen in sets so Yehuda can feel.

Anyways, I imagine that fairly soon everyone will be able to feel Ike, and even see little feet or hand popping out. So stay tuned.

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