Please Help Bring Color to My Life

I have been colorblind all my life. I've heard all the jokes, been asked countless times what color things are, and changed my career path goals a few times based on my colorblindness. Growing up I couldn't even dream of being an Air Force pilot because I knew my colorblindness wouldn't even allow me to try. In college I dropped out my graphic design degree program because the colorblindness was too high a barrier to climb. Even today, working on the computer all day, I have moments all day long when I struggle to determine what colors I am seeing on the screen. It may not impact me in a severe way anymore, but I'm reminded on a daily basis by little things throughout the day that I have an impediment, and that I just don't see colors they way others do.

I recently discovered that there is now a company called Enchroma which sells glasses specifically to correct colorblindness, and the type of colorblindness I have is the ideal candidate for these glasses. When I watched their promotional video, and then some videos that people made when they used these glasses for the first time, video 1 video 2 , I cried. I cried because for the first time in my life I had hope that maybe there is a way for me to see the world the way everyone else sees it.

I started a campaign on GoFundMe to help me raise money for these glasses. You can find the campaign and contribute here.
The glasses are $520 before taxes and shipping. After all is said and done they will probably cost close to $650. I'm calling on all of you who have joked along with me at my colorblindness all these years to help me with my quest to see colors normally for the first time in my life. I really appreciate it!