5 week update

Has it truly been 5 weeks already?
Also, has it only been 5 weeks?

Time is such a weird thing. On the one hand, it feels like our little Yaeli has been around with us forever. And on the other hand it doesn't feel like it's already been 5 weeks. Pretty soon Rivkah is going to be back at work and we are going to have new routines and (hopefully) the baby will be sleeping through the night. For some reason, this week she decided that she doesn't want to sleep in her bassinet anymore so she's been sleeping with us. Hopefully that won't last very long but our doc said it's too early to let her cry herself to sleep. She said that it should be ok to do that at 6 months but until then we are building her trust and to let her cry endlessly would be a bad thing.

Things are actually settling down. The apartment is getting unpacked slowly. It will speed up when my class is completed. In fact, I am in the final week of my CCAC 'career'. In about two weeks I will be a CCAC graduate and I will be moving on to a bigger and better college. I am still deciding if I want to go to graduation in May. I guess we will see.

There really isn't much else to say. Tirtzah is growing every day. She is starting to outgrow her newborn clothes and she is also going through diapers at an alarming pace. Look for a post from her mommy soon (hint, hint). I'll try to post again soon.


Aaaaand we're back!

Hello out there in readerville! The boat is starting to right itself and life is returning to a new version of normal. That means that posts might start coming more frequently now (but no promises).
And since I got behind there will be an abundance of pictures in this post.

Anyway, this is our little Yaeli Tirzah. She is, as of her last weigh in, 7 lbs 4 oz and doing great! She has 10 uncles and one aunt (blood related) and a Bubby, Zeighdee (jk, it's Zaidy), Grandma and Papa and everyone seems to be fighting over who gets to hold her and for how long. On shabbos we actually had to use the clock and give people time limits with her. It was quite comical actually.
Rivkah has been giving her baths pretty frequently (otherwise she starts smelling bad from spitting up on herself) and she seems to be more and more OK with it with every bath. She is also learning to sleep in her bassinet and has been doing it pretty well since the beginning of this week.
And sometimes we have the distinct pleasure of her falling asleep while cuddling with us. This is my favorite time. Her face is all sweet and at peace, she goes into rem sleep really quickly and I can see when she is dreaming. Sometimes her whole body quakes when she's sleeping. She is just a pleasure to be around and I really wish I could be a stay-at-home dad for her. If only I had a means of feeding her. Well, I guess I will do the next best thing and go to work so Rivkah and I can eat.

Speaking of work, I don't really recall where I left off in terms of telling you all about my new job! I am having a really great time working here at aSa and I really love the atmosphere here. There are so many nice people. They are teaching me a ton and I am even on the Event Planning Committee. In the coming weeks I am going to start getting a lot of work coming my way and tomorrow I am having some one on one training with one of the company owners to learn one of the applications I will be testing. He wrote the original version of the application!
It's Yaeli's first Chanukah and she has already gotten some really great gifts. My favorite is the shirt that my teammate Steve, and his family, got for her:

They also got her a pair of ice skate booties (no they don't have sharp blades!)

Anyway, I need to get back to work. I hope to come back and write at least once a week. Don't forget to bookmark the blog and check it often!