Don't Kick Mommy

I think I'm feeling kicking! I'm resting after an exhausting day of working while still sick. It feels like my lower tummy has rolling burps. Kind of a weird way to put it, unless you're me and your Ike has decided burping is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

It's really special to feel Ike kick. It's a connection to my baby. There aren't a lot of connections to be made while Ike is inside the womb so feeling my baby kick is amazing. It's a sign that everything is going well. We are healthy and more than halfway to having a happy yummy baby.

I really can't wait to share the kicking with everyone else. For now though, it's my special feeling. Although, if I have to go through all of this I deserve to feel Ike kick first!

Update: Hey, it's Yehuda here. I just felt Ike kicking! It was so so cool! The kicking was really faint and Rik probably felt it better but it was almost as cool as seeing Ike on the sonogram screen. We saw kicking and we even saw the heartbeat that time but this time we felt it. Thanks for tuning in.

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