Why Shouldn't They Serve? My Kids Will

In Israeli news recently was a story about a protest by the Chareidi community against being drafted into required military service. This was in response to the governments plan to stop allowing Chareidi men to be exempt from military service.

I'm having trouble understanding this mentality. I'm not really been a fan of pushing my problems off on someone else. It's one thing to delegate but to say that a task is beneath me is not part of my lingo. So when I hear that a group is pushing off the responsibility of protecting their country to someone else because it will disrupt their quiet peaceful lives it gets me a little ticked off. Don't they understand that they only get those quiet lives because the military is doing their very best day in and day out to protect them and provide them safety?

When it comes time for my daughters to join the greatest army in the world I have no plans to try to find loopholes and exemptions for them. They will do their duty and serve the country that has been providing them their home. This is not to say I won't be scared as hell. Of course I will be. But I'll be mighty proud of them and the work they'll be doing to keep us all safe.

So, remind me again why you shouldn't serve? My kids certainly will!

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