Mother's Day 2013


On this Mother's Day I'm reminded of how amazing of a mother you are. I actually have a constant reminder on a daily basis of how good a mother you are because of how amazing our kids are. They both resemble you so much and I love that about them. Yaeli and Sophie both have your beauty, both inner beauty and outer beauty. They both have a lot of your personality too.

I know it's not easy being their mom sometimes. Yaeli is so frustratingly independent (not unlike you sometimes) but you handle her with patience and grace. Sophie wakes us up all the time at night (not unlike you waking up and talking in your sleep) but you never deprive her of anything she needs.

I love that you love our girls so unconditionally. They may frustrate you at times but they both express their love for you day in and day out. I'm proud that you are their mother and proud to call you my wife.

Have a great Mother's Day.


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