Toddler Bed Adventures, Sophie is Crawling

After months of almost being able to do it, Yaeli finally got hysterical enough to climb out of her Pak n' Play. She just kinda hoisted herself up on the side and flipped over the side. I was so proud of her. I put her back in and put her down for her nap and when she woke up she asked me to help her climb out. So now we were in a bit of a predicament.

My rule has always been that when the kids climb out of their cribs is when they can transition to the toddler bed. This is a pretty good rule for the most part because it keeps the kid in the room for as long as possible. The downside to this rule is they can learn to escape at any time and we don't have time to plan for it.

So, that night we pumped Yaeli up to sleep in her toddler bed. We made sure to tell her that she's such a big girl now and that we are proud of her. We put her to sleep, closed the door, and prayed. Prayed that she wouldn't fall out of bed. Prayed that if she woke up at night she wouldn't come creeping into our room. Prayed that she wanted to sleep in the big bed.

Well, after almost a week in the toddler bed she's been fine. She slept through the whole night in bed and has only fallen out once. The main issue is that we can no longer just plop her in her room and leave her crying because she'll follow us out. Bedtime has gone from a 10-20 minute process to a 30-45 minute ordeal. I'm sure with time we'll get it down to a system but for now the bedtime process is a little grueling. I took my final final for the spring semester last night and I have the entire summer off so I should be home most nights to help with bedtime.

In Sophie related news, she is in fact crawling. Getting all over the place now (although sometimes she gets there backwards). It's really amazing watching the progress jump so much every day. I'm hoping she waits a few more months before walking. I'm not really ready for her to be getting into our stuff. Time to break out the baby gates again...

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