Can You Please Say Bless You?

This weekend we went up to Wilmington, Delaware to visit my grandmother. My brother came with us and was a great help in the car helping to entertain the kids. We left early Sunday morning and got to Delaware around lunchtime. The kids napped a bit and generally did kid stuff.

We ate lunch when we got there and my Bubby finally got to meet Sophie for the first time. My mom came up as well and Yaeli had some trouble remembering who was Bubby (my mom) and who was Bubby-Bubby (my grandmother). Zeidy Murray (my grandmother's husband) was there too and everyone just loved seeing the kids.

After lunch my mom and Rivkah took the Yaeli to a nearby park. I stayed home with my Bubby and we spent a good hour just catching up and chatting. Sophie showed off her crawling and cruising skills and then ended up falling asleep on me lying on the couch for over an hour. It was delicious. At around 5:30 Rivkah and I went out to Brew-Haha coffee for a much needed date. As part of our date I looked up the store on Yelp and we left a really nice review, alternating writing each sentence.

After our date we went back and put the kids to bed. Yaeli slept on a pull-out sofa which my mom later joined her on. It amazes me that she'll sleep in a bed with my mom but not with me or Rivkah. Sophie slept in our room in our bed. There wasn't room for us to set up a pack-and-play.

In the morning Yaeli actually stayed in her bed reading until I came in to get her. She was very careful to be quiet and not wake up her Bubby. So cute. My cousin Jesse and his wife Erica came and hung out around 11 and we all had a lot of fun just talking. I added Jesse onto my family Photo Stream too. I'm slowly adding my whole family to it.

We packed up the car and got on the way at around 1. The kids were a little antsier this time and after a couple of hours my brother and Rivkah switched places so that Rivkah was in the back with the kids. Sophie was clearly tired of being cooped up in her car seat and screamed bloody murder until she finally fell asleep after about an hour. Yaeli wasn't too bad. She took a nap and was a little loud when she was up but for the most part was well behave.

Then...all hell broke loose...

As we were going through the tollbooth getting off of the PA Turnpike, with 15 minutes to go before we arrived home, Yaeli gave us 3 seconds warning and puked her little guts out. It was one of the most horrible scenes/smells I've ever experienced. The poor kid was so traumatized that she fell asleep about 2 minutes later. Sophie must have through it was really funny because she stopped screaming and started giggling instead. She giggled the rest of the way home.

Thankfully my dad had made dinner for us and came over to my house where we all ate. One thing I realized during dinner was that Yaeli started requesting polite responses from us. She sneezed and then said "Zeidy, can you please say 'bless you'?" It was so cute and she's been saying a few different things like that too.

Well, that about sums up our trip. Going to wait a little bit for the next long road trip.

Til next time.

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