Nice Try Mommy

Back in April when I was in Toronto I stopped at Niagara Falls on my way home and got souvenirs for Rivkah and the girls. I got Rivkah a nice pair of socks, I got Sophie a mug with her name on it and I got a T-shirt  for Yaeli.

Rivkah loved the socks. Sophie isn't old enough for her mug yet. And Yaeli refused to wear her shirt. She didn't seem upset by it, just would not even entertain the thought of wearing it. No explanation given. 

Initially I was crushed. How could she do this to me? I went out of my way and spent my money to buy her a gift and she flat out rejected it. Eventually, Rivkah helped me get over it but for a few days I tried pushing the shirt on her at every turn. 

Fast forward until this week and Rivkah decided she would "doctor up" the shirt and make it more appealing to Yaeli. She chopped it up a little and added cute laces and bows and we set it out for Yaeli to wear the next day. 

The next morning Yaeli came out from her room and we excitedly told her that her shirt looked brand new and awesome now. "Cool!" she said. "Do you want to wear it today?" Rivkah asked? 

"Nice try" was her cheeky reply. 

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