My First Father of Sophie Day

This week marked my fourth (if you count when Rivkah was pregnant with Yaeli) Father's Day that I've celebrated. It is, however, only the first since my beautiful Sophie was born. I'm the father of two amazing little girls with amazing, and quite different, personalities. And they both gave me quite a special day.

I woke up in the morning with Sophie asleep on top of my blanket, basically on my lap. She was so cute there that I just let her snooze for a while and keep me trapped in bed. Rivkah was planning on serving me my breakfast in bed so I texted her and asked her if she could get started. Sophie woke up within a few minutes and she and I had some really nice snuggle time. I swear she new it was a special morning because she was just smiling and cuddly from the moment she woke up. 

Yaeli came and joined us shortly. She and Rivkah had been up early (I don't remember why) and were watching Hercules. She made sure to be gentle with Sophie on the bed (she has a tendency to accidentally hurt Sophie when they are on a bed) and I had the perfect start to my day, made even better when my breakfast was served. 

Rivkah took the kids shopping in the morning which gave me time to do some organizing at home and to do some laundry/dishes. Of course my main win there was watching an episode of Game of Thrones during the day. Hard to watch that show with kids around. 

We had some very special friends come and visit in the afternoon and had a really great time catching up. They left Pittsburgh several years ago to move to Canada and since then traveled India and Nepal for a year. They had some fascinating stories to share. The visit ended way to quickly but they got to meet both the girls and we had a blast catching up. 

From there we went to the really nice wedding of some friends. We got all dressed up and and fancy and Yaeli decided she was going to marry Rivkah. I'm not so sure about that one, she'll have to fight me for that privilege. The wedding was really nice but the kids were melting down by the end of the chuppah. We basically bolted as soon as the chosson broke the glass. Came home for dinner and bedtime and the kids didn't really give us trouble with either one. 

To cap off a day like that I went out for a run in the evening. I jogged and walked a combined 3.57 miles and it felt great. I was pushing the limits of my distance a bit but I made sure to pace myself and walk if I needed a break. I took a much needed and refreshing shower when I got home and then said good night to cap a very special Father's Day. 

Thanks so much to my wonderful wife and my beautiful girls. Every day is special when they are in my life. 

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