See What It Is, You Might Feel Better

...or you might not.

Lately Yaeli has been watching Daniel Tiger, a spin off cartoon show based on the Daniel Tiger from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Daniel encounters real life scenarios and helps teach children how to react and grow from those experiences. Lessons include potty training, getting shots, apologizing. For each lesson there's a short little ditty to go with it.

This week, Yaeli decided to learn a really important lesson from Daniel. She is now afraid of bugs and anything that might look like a bug. Of course, the real lesson was supposed to teach kids to inspect things that they might be afraid of and see that they are not really scary after all. Yaeli decided she didn't like that part of the story so she's now constantly talking about how moths, flies, spiders and any other insect you can think of.

Gotta love selective hearing, right?

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