Turn and Face the Strange Ch Ch Changes

Boy is life ever changing! We're with in the last month and preparing for it like crazy. I'm making lots of food and freezing a lot, which means that our freezer is fuller than it has ever been in our 1.5 yrs in this apt. I'm writing list on top of list just trying to feel like I am somewhat organized before I forget what the word organization means. Also, I cut back my hours at work so that I could rest and get things done at home. So unlike last week when I cam home every night and crashed, this week I've been cooking and doing dishes and keeping the house neater, and actually feeling less grumpy. Very clearly cutting back hours was the right decision- and I'm only 2 days in!

Yehuda starts his new job on Monday. That is going to be one of our biggest changes. It means longer hours out of the house for him, which means less time for us to spend together. I know you're all thinking "geez, they are such saps" to which I say "you're jealous." Although we've both changed schedules a lot since our wedding we have still gotten to spend a lot of time together. Part of what we are feeling is that with Yehuda commuting so "far" to work, once Ike comes there really won't be a lot of us time. So, like with everything else in our life right now, we are arranging our schedule to accommodate this. I'm a big fan on easing into new situations as much as possible. Many of our new life changes are so that we can settle into a routine before routines become a thing of the past.

We'll see where this leads us, but we are 3 days in to this week and have kept good moods for 3 days straight!

Also, Shayna and Yair are finally engaged! Yair is very much the right guy for Shayna and was nice enough to include us in his surprise proposal. Mazal tov!

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