Today is my last day at MSA and I am sad. Over the past 8 months I have made some really good friends. Notably Seema and Jaime. I will miss seeing them on a (work)daily basis. Change is always hard but right now it seems even harder. When I leave today I am not going to be coming back tomorrow. I have promised a few people here to try and bring Ike in for a visit but I don't know when that is going to happen.

Saying goodbye sucks. It also is a great time to connect with people and get information to keep in touch. Last days are also a great time for finding out how you have been doing at work. My co-worker Mike came over to say goodbye and told me that I have been doing a really good job and he sees my talent. Mike started working at MSA before I even had my first birthday. I truly respect his opinion and analysis. Thank you Mike.

Most of all, I will miss Bryan. Even though we go to the same shul I will miss talking to him on a daily basis and getting on each other's nerves. His name for me is TroubleMaker and I like it. Bryan and I used to drive to work with each other through the wintry months. We had some good talks and got to be pretty good friends. Bryan, thank you for helping me get this job. It has been the focal point of my career path so far as it has helped guide me to my niche.

To everyone at MSA, I thank you for the time and effort you have spent in training me, helping me, being my friend, and most of all just saying good morning as I passed you in the hall. I am going to miss you all.


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