Millers in the Workplace

Today, Rivkah brought Yaeli and Sophie to my office to meet my coworkers and to let everyone meet Sophie (Yaeli has been here once before on bring-your-kid-to-work-day). Despite what she will tell you, Rivkah only got a little lost on the way here, but I got lost even worse when I was interviewing. She still got here at 5 minutes to noon.

We all had lunch together with a couple of my co-workers. Yaeli got along with them really well but when more people came to start introducing themselves she kept clinging to Rivkah and insisting "I'm scared!" We assured her that nobody here was scary and she got a little better.

After lunch I gave a short tour of the building and introduced everyone. Everyone commented on how much hair Sophie has, and with good reason too. The bald guys at work were all jealous.

The hour ended waaay to quickly and just when we were getting ready to pack up a few more people, whom I really wanted to let them meet Sophie, got back from lunch at which point Yaeli started screaming that she didn't want to go home. I can't blame her, I "love" spending all day at work.

Everyone got home safely. The ride home is much simpler so no getting lost. I wish I could bring the kiddos to work more often. Maybe if I got them leashes....

יום טוב

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