A Family of Four

It's almost 12:30 AM on a Motzei Shabbos and I have shul in the morning. I'm up though and thought that I'd like to start a blog to document my family's long road ahead. You see, we'd like to make aliyah; all four of us.

There's Rivkah, the loving mommy of the group. Rivkah is my wife and she was born to be a mother. She cares so much for our children and it just comes naturally to her.

There's Yaeli, our fiercely independent and gregarious almost-two-year-old. She's got messy blonde hair and an I-can-do-it-myself attitude that would put most teenage girls to shame.

There's Sophie, our almost two week old who's only cares right now are eating, sleeping, eating and sleeping. Her best features include her copious amounts of hair and her incredibly well timed sleep schedule.

And then there's me. Yehuda. Or Totti, as the kids refer to me. Or Goose, as my friends call me. I'm an IT professional trying to finish school and get my degree so that I can uproot all of our lives and begin again where we belong. We belong in the holy land of Israel and the only thing holding us back is my degree.

So, that's us. We've got a long road ahead of us. This blog is meant to document that road leading up to, during and after our big move. Hopefully I keep it up (I've been poor at doing it in the past). I shouldn't have trouble coming up with short stories or anecdotes from the kiddos. They really keep us busy.

לילה טוב

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