We're All One Big Family

Early on Monday morning this week a fire broke out in an apartment not far from my home in Givat Shmuel. In the course of a few hours a family with 4 young children lost their home and everything in it. Clothing, appliances, pictures, toys... you name it, they lost it. Thankfully they all survived and are recovering from their injuries in a hospital.

The thing that blew me away is that the community has banded together and gotten collections for a new apartment for them (along with furniture), clothing, toys, and other basic needs.

The thing that really blew me away happened outside of the community. I sent an email to all of my coworkers asking for clothing and toy donations. Someone immediately came to me with a pair of shorts (don't worry, they weren't the ones he wore to work) and the next day I got emails from several coworkers that they have some things they'll bring in for the collection. One person even told me that they are organizing a collection on their Moshav! A few hours later someone came to my desk, opened their wallet and peeled off five 200 shekel bills for the collection! These people don't even know the family! I don't even know the family!!!
This was all the stuff I collected from work, plus 1000 shekels
One thing I've learned about this beautiful country and it's amazing citizens is that we all live in celebration and tragedy together. We may yell, scream and fight amongst ourselves, but it's just because we love each other like brothers and sisters do.

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