It's Been One Week

Last minute packing. Drive to New York. Catch our flight. Fly for 11 hours with 2 kids. Arrive, what a rush! Absorption, we're full citizens! Head home to drop off our bags (15 of them). Then off to our friends house for a few days and through Shabbat. Rent a car and take a day trip to IKEA. Stay our first night in our apartment. Start building our furniture. First Shabbat, I love the solitude and quiet in the city. Back home and moved in full time. Slowly continue to build the furniture, house starts looking and feeling like home (toys everywhere helps). Finally got our fridge today and then went and spent 770NIS on food. Heard our first and second air raid sirens. Had to wake the kids up the second time. Off to bed.

I don't usually write paragraphs like the one above but my week has pretty much felt like a large run on sentence. It's been crazy, hectic, peaceful, warm, and now a bit scary. But I have no doubt that we made the right decision. Incoming rocket fire be damned, this is my home now and I have the baddest army in the whole dang world covering my back. I will not back down. I will not be afraid. I was more afraid of having to put my kids back to sleep than I was of the rocket fire.

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