Peyton Lost and I Won

As millions of people around the world know, the first Sunday in February is Super Bowl Sunday . The biggest North American sports day of the year. It seems almost like everyone in the United States is either hosting a party or going to one. Chips, beer, pizza, wings; pregame, football, halftime, and of course the most expensive commercials known to man. Clydesdales anyone?

Since the age of eight (1997 Packers vs. Patriots) I have only missed watching one Super Bowl and it was because I was in Israel and couldn't find anywhere to watch it. Watching the big game was basically a given for me. "Where?" Was really the only question about it. My whole day would be planned around this one game. 

Not this year. This year I took my day back from the NFL. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I really don't have any interest in this game this year. My interest in the NFL has been rapidly declining over the last few years and if it weren't for the Ravens making it to the Super Bowl last year I might've won this battle a year earlier. So I planned my day the way I wanted to spend it and I executed on my plan. 

This doesn't mean I didn't check the score a few times during the game. And it doesn't mean I'm not a sports fan anymore. This wasn't to make a statement that watching professional sports is a waste of time. All I wanted to do was take back one day. Maybe next year I'll watch the game. Maybe I won't. When I'm living in Israel and the game starts at 1:30AM it's a fair bet I won't be watching.

So, while Peyton Manning and the Broncos shocked the nation by being so dominated, I shocked myself by not being dominated. 

Is playoff hockey here yet???

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