It's A Date!

As is indicative by the fact that I haven't posted to the blog at all in almost a month, you can probably tell that I have been extremely busy and not making time to catch you all up. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm sorry but I'm not going to. I've learned that playing catch up on a blog is a really great way to burn out of writing to it entirely. Own the fact that you haven't posted for a while but when you pick it back up, pick up where you are now.

Ok, there's my little blogging lesson for the day, now to the good stuff.

On Sunday, Rivkah and I went to a wedding at Phipps Conservatory. It was truly a beautiful wedding and we had so much fun there. One of the best parts was that we went without the kids. We met a lot of our parent-friends there who also were there without their kids and we were all reveling in getting "date time" with our spouses, in the middle of the day, dressed up nice and fancy, and barely a child in sight.

At first we parent types were feeling slightly guilty for feeling like this. How could we be truly happy that our children weren't around? But the truth of the matter is that our date time away was so refreshing. We got a chance to breath fresh air. We talked about wedding stuff and sunglasses and how good the iced coffee tasted. We did NOT talk about the color/smell of poop, food on the carpet, vomit in the car or anything else child related.

I've found that even if it's just for a few hours, getting out of the house away from the kids is imperative to a healthy marriage. Add in the part about getting to dress up and then also getting to leisurely stop at a coffee shop on our way to pick up the kiddos and we had a very good Sunday.

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