Amazing Comprehension for a Two Year Old

Over the last few days Yaeli has been complaining about something that was bothering her. The details of it are not important but suffice it to say she was in pain. The amazing thing is she was able to very accurately describe what was hurting her in very descriptive terms we thought were high above her comprehension level. That alone impressed me.

What I was really proud of was that she told us. Often, kids don't speak up about issues they are having and for many different reasons. They might not know how to describe what they are feeling; they may think the adult will brush off their discomfort; they may feel like the discomfort is actually normal. So I'm glad Yaeli feels comfortable bringing up issues she is having with us. She actually approached both me and Rivkah separately.

We took her to the doctor today and got her some medication so hopefully she'll start feeling better soon.

I really love how independent Yaeli is. It may frustrate us at times (ex: if she wants to pick up her sippy cup but someone does it for her she puts it back on the floor and then picks it up again) but at times like these I truly enjoy it. Since Sophie joined the Miller team I've realized more and more how strong and independent Yaeli is.

I hope my big girl feels better soon.

שבת שלום

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  1. My impartial opinion is that Yaeli is brilliant. Great story.