My Musical Daughters

Anyone who has met Yaeli knows that she's all about music. She's got her favorite songs that she requests from us like we are some sort of jukebox. We've got them all in a YouTube playlist and she can watch them on our iPod. And she absolutely loves to dance to them. We are considering putting her into a dance class because she just loves to get down and boogie.

Now, Sophie is obviously too young to appreciate music all that much. She does seem to be calmed a little by it but she'll appreciate it more as she grows up. However, she is providing us with some beautiful music to listen to. This week Sophie started laughing. She's been smiling responsively for a while and the next logical step was for her to express that happiness verbally but I was still pleasantly surprised when those giggles came. Baby laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds, probably because baby happiness is the most pure happiness. I love seeing her developing and growing. I forgot so much about this stage from when Yaeli was little. I can't wait to rediscover it all again as time goes along.

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