Well, it only took us a little over a year but we are finally going on our honeymoon. Maybe it can be called a babymoon too but we are just calling it the honeymoon. It still doesn't seem like it's been a whole year since we got married but, I guess it has. Anyway, as with all vacations, this weekend is going to be crazy hectic with preparing food, clothes, last minute stuff, and also researching where the birth centers are in all stops of our trip (just in case). You never know, hopefully that baby stays inside but if Ike decides he/she wants to see New York, we will be prepared.

Our first leg of the trip is the actual honeymoon. We are staying for three days and two nights in midtown Manhattan in a nice hotel with a pool. During that time we will be attending Mary Poppins on Broadway and doing other touristy stuff; Empire State Building, Chinatown, going out to eat, and of course visiting Justina. She is the only person who we are going to be meeting up with in NY. With all of her recent stuff going on plus the fact that we haven't seen her since the wedding, we really need to see her. Not to mention the fact that we want to visit her.

After NY we are going to take a train up to Fairfield to visit Rik's old hometown. Last time we were there I got really sick and didn't truly get to experience it so this time I told my tummy to behave. We are going to see a few families and I think we are planning to have lunch there. After Fairfield we are going to New Haven to spend the night with the Roffmans and I think we are even going to get to see Mindy and her family (now of 4).

Next stop is back to NY for a late night flight to Washington DC Dulles airport. Our flight gets in at 10:40 PM so don't expect us to be very talkative. We are staying with Robyn and Leon and Basha Chaya and Liora Ness. We are staying in Potomac for shabbos, spending a great deal of it with the Frankls who are in from Israel. I can't wait to see them. Haven't seen 'em since I left the holy land in 2006. It has been waaaay too long. Then, on Saturday night, I am going to play pickup hockey with my cousin Adam somewhere in Maryland. I am not sure yet where. And of course, on Sunday we are going to try to get together with family for a brunch somewhere.

Well, that seems to be it. I gotta get back to work.

Have a great shabbos!

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