Our Growing Family and My Growing Belly

So, it's baby time in our little family, and we couldn't be more thrilled! And, apprehensive, and cautious, and worried. All the usual good stuff of first time parents. My mother wants to know what I'm so worried about, why I'm so paranoid. I'm an anxiety driven hypochondriac, of course I'm going to be worried.

But, if I wasn't worried, I'd be worried that I wasn't worried, so this works out well for me. Worry drives me to be healthy. I'm careful with sweets because I don't want to have gestational diabetes on my hands. I try to walk a lot and do other pregnancy exercises because it's good for me. Worry is inspiration to me. I'm not sure what I would do without it. Definitely not all the research I did about becoming pregnant and being healthy.

On the bright side for our little Ikey (gender unknown), I'm the 3rd of 8 kids and am used to babysitting wild indians, so I should be a fairly relaxed mother. Plus, I'm practicing on Goose.

All worry aside, we couldn't be more excited to be first time parents. This excitement is made greater by the wonderful support and happiness of our friends and family. The next 4.5 months are going to feel so long and going to pass by so quickly. It's the next page in the adventure book of our life. We're looking forward to starting the next chapter.


  1. hey rik and goose its yossi i think this blog is great and it will help friends and family to know whats goin on.